Monday, April 16, 2007

Back To Work

Monday already, so it was back to work again - not sure how it works, but why does 9am to 5pm go so much quicker on Saturday than it does on Monday - seems like some sort of conspiracy to me!

At least the sun is shining, which means that the women are out in their summer tops, so I'm on the look out for tight white tshirts, low cut tops, or if I'm lucky bikinis - it takes a certainly chaviness about a girl/woman to wear her bikini top around the shops, but it's something I'm willing to forgive ;)

Anyway, here's a nice pic of summer cleavage:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Big Breasts and Me

It's like the program makers at the BBC had read my mind and made the program especially for me!

Last week, BBC3 showed 'My Big Breasts and Me', which followed 3 very large breasted women and showed how they coped with their oversized assets. Good show, well made - not the usual tacky stuff and best of all, 2 of the 3 women were very sexy.

There was Maddie, the 19 year old photography student who was 30G

But my fave was Jodie, the music student, who had amazing 28K boobs - wow!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Getting To Know Me

I suppose that’s the first thing I should write about really – me.

I’m a married man from the UK, south coast, walking distance of the beach – it’s a lovely place to live, especially when you take into account my hobby/interest.

I’m obsessed by women’s breasts, the bigger the better (within reason!). I’m lucky, my wife has nice big boobs on a slim frame (32D), but that doesn’t stop me checking out other women at every opportunity I get. My wife is really good about it (phew!) and often points out women to me on the street.

I love seeing big boobs in tight tops, or even better, low cut tops – I just love to see a bit of cleavage. I’m not planning on this blog being just about boobs (despite the title!), but also about what I get up to. That said, there will be a fair amount about boobs!

My First Blog

I use the internet a lot, so obviously I'm aware of the blogging phenomenon, but have to admit it’s not something I’ve ever really gotten into. The question that always springs to mind is,

‘Does anyone ever actually bother reading these things?’

But recently I’ve thought, ‘Does it really matter?’, maybe it’s all about getting your thoughts etc down on ‘virtual’ paper, so whether anyone else ever bothers to look at them is kind of beside the point.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d start my own blog. If nothing else, it will give me something to do while I sit at work each day and pretend to be busy, cos the way I look at it is, if the boss sees me typing away in Word, he’s bound to think I’m working hard!

So there we are, it’s started – My First Blog, but how long will it last?

That’s another question……